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In this post “Electrical Symbol And Name” we are going to tell you about the symbols used in electrical engineering drawing. In this post you will get to see all the signs and symbols used in electrical drawing.

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List Of Electrical Symbols Name

  1. Series Winding Symbol
  2. Commulating or compensating winding Symbol
  3. Shunt winding Symbol
  4. Synchronous Mtor Symbol
  5. AC Motor Symbol
  6. Separately Excited Generator Symbol
  7. Push Button NO Type Symbol
  8. Push Button NC Type Symbol
  9. 1NC=1NO Push Button Symbol
  10. Time Delay Open Contact ( T.O.) Symbol
  11. Time Dealy Closed Contact ( T.C.) Symbol
  12. Thermal Overload Relay Symbol
  13. Relay With Time Delay Symbol
  14. Two Way Contact Operated By Relay or Contactor Symbol
  15. Contact of Relay or Contactor ( NO Type) Symbol
  16. Contact of Relay or Contactor ( NC Type) Symbol
  17. Switch Single Pole Single Way Symbol
  18. Time Delay Relay Symbol
  19. Switch Triple Pole Linked ( Single Throw) Symbol
  20. Motor Symbol
  21. Single Phase Alternator Symbol
  22. Three Phase Alternator Symbol
  23. Three Phase Slip Ring Induction Motor Symbol
  24. Coupled Machine Symbol

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