12v Battery Charging Indicator Circuit Diagram

12v Battery Charging Indicator Circuit Diagram:- You must be well aware of this that we have to use a hydrometer to check the charging level of a lead-acid battery. But if we talk about the dry secondary battery, then the battery charging indicator is a very good device to check its charging level. In today’s post, we will tell you how to make a battery charging indicator circuit diagram.

Materials Required To Make a Battery Charging Indicator Circuit

The following materials will be required to make a battery charging indicator circuit –

  1. LED – 04
  2. color coding Resistance 1K – 04

battery charging level Indicator circuit diagram

Battery Charging Level Indicator

How to Make a Battery Charging Level Indicator

To make it, first of all, you add the four LEDs in series. When adding to the hierarchy, keep in mind the positive and negative terminals of the LED.

After this, you add one resistance at the + end of each LED.
After adding, the remaining ends of each resistance are common and solder to each other.
Finally, you connect a wire to the negative terminal of the first LED and a positive wire with the last resistance.
Now this indicator is ready for use, connect it with any 12 volt or less volt battery.
LED will glow according to the charging voltage of the battery. If all the LED glows, it means that the battery is fully charged.

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